Installation, Service & Maintenance Team :

– 10 Installation Team consisting of 1 Mechanical and 1 Electrical Engineer for each team.

– 20 Trained Service & Maintenance technician and 6 Engineer.

– 4 Project Manager.

– We have our own Logistic support and few 3rd part logistic supports depending on project volume.

 Warehouse workshop Facility Consist of following features:

– 6 Storied 60,000SFT Facility Located very close to Dhaka city at Ashulia, Nischitopur, Savar.

– 1000×30 KVA Genset can be stored at a time.

– 5000 SFT for filter and parts RACK. For our 600 Client we maintain 30% of spare parts in stock and 100% Genset consumable from Fleetguard USA.

– Full overhauling and maintenance Facility.

– Forklift and Hoist to lift upto 10 Ton.

– Metal fabrication for Custom Silencer, Fuel tank and other metal job facility. 5 Full time welder and fabricator are employed there.

– After Sales and Support Center.

– Training Facility for Control System, Alternator, Switchgear and Engine.

Logistic Support:

Depending on Project volume adequate logistic support will be provided. We have our own logic support with 2x 2.5Ton Pickup, Fork Lift, lifting equipment, 10T Pulley, and own equipment to uplift upto 12 storied building. As per agreed timeline 3rd party logistic support will be deployed for timely completion of the project.